Iran has wandered into the 21st century ,yet has kept its ancient culture and traditions. It is this harmony of  old & new, enhanced by the welcoming spirit of the people, that  creates an exceptional travel experience  for your Tours to Iran

Situated between Russia & Europe, Tabriz was an early trading center on the Silk Route. It abounds  with historical   places of interest....including an area believed to be the site of the legendry Garden of Eden. UNESCO recently added the vaulted bazaar to its World Heritage list.


Persian influence is seen in gardens  from the Alhambra to the Taj Mahal. Stroll one of the most famed ....The Fin Garden.The  bazaar is considered one of the most unique in this land of bazaars. Hisorians believe the 3 Wise Men traveled from Kashan to witness the birth of Jesus. (We can buy Frankicense )

Ali Sadr Cave.

 Kandovan  where villagers escaped the Mongols by carving homes into the mountain side. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we stay at Laleh Rocky Hotel, also built into the mountains..but with 1st class amenities! Marble bathrooms (some with  a Jacuzzi) Great views from your room.


Bandar Anzali-  Caspian Seashore                              


We love going  Off-The -Beaten track    Eco-Tourism  sites such as... Ghesm Island    and   desert Carvanserais..

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                Cultural Insights through Travel

Abayneh                                                 Masouleh

 1st view of Mt.Damavand,on approach.

        The Jewel City of          Esfahan


                                            New 2017-2018 Tours

                          19 Day Epic Cultural Tour  (#E1Sept. 9- 29......  (#E2)  2018...March 30-April 18              Tehran>Hamadan>Kashan>Esfahan>Yazd>Shiraz>Tabriz> Kandovan>Sarien>Anzali>Masouleh>Qazvin>Tehran                         


                 Adventure  Tour 13 Days(#A1 ) 2017  Oct. 23-Nov.4... (A2) 2018 May 18-30                                                                    Tehran>Esfahan>Yazd>Shiraz>Ghesm Island

A seat  of Persian learning, where literature & astrology  were taught.  Among our visits are  the   tombs  of Hafiz & Saidi , set in lovely gardens,  Bagh-e-Eram (Garden of Paradise) which surrounds  a Qajar Palace, the splendid  Nasr-el-Molk Mosque, the  bazaar which features special local handicafts.

Fin Garden

Rising majesticaly out of the desert, is the  Achaemenian  capital,built by Darius in 518 B.C, Persopolis  is one of the archecticual phenomenons of the world. Bas-Reliefs  of visiting envoys  from the  Persian  Empire is a living musuem. We visit the simple tomb of Cyrus, set in the miltary camp of Pasagarde,in contrast to Nagsh-e-Rostam,the carved hillside tombs of later Rulers.

                                                Shiraz                     City of Roses & Poets

Hamadan Highlights include .. The Masoulem of Esther & Mordecai who appealed to King Darius to allow the  Jews to return to Bethlehem  and re-build their Temples. Tower of Avicenna, (the famed philosopher & scientist)  Ali-Sadr ....the largest water cave in the world.

​​​        Highlights Tour-12 Days & 5 Day option.. (#H1) 2017 Oct. 4-20...(#H2) 2018 April 20-May 9Tehran>Shiraz.Yazd>Esfahan>Abayneh>Kashan>Tehran/Option Tabriz>Kandovan>Anzali>Massouleh>Tehran




(Ancient Ecbatana)

After a boat ride on a Lagoon,we stay at a resort on the Caspian Sea. Visit  World Heritage villages:                                    Iran has 21 World Heritage sites. We visit many..depending on itinerary.  

                        Masouleh- where rooftops are  the "steps" leading us to a small bazaar & teahouse                                                                  Abayneh-  its clay houses,dress  and dialect have virtually unchanged since the 12th century.                                                   .



A bustling city ,set in the valley of the Zargos Mountains, modern skyscapers live next to  houses hidden behind stone walls.Modern malls are as popular as the meandering bazaar. Women pull their iphones from the folds of chadors,  or more likely out of their Gucci purse!. Our visits include Museums..  Golestan Palace, National Archelogical,Glassware, Carpet Collection,Contemporary Art,Crown Jewels. to name a few.Take a subway to the Bazaar.Visit the  City's North Sa'adabad Palace of the former Shah    New!  Cooking class option....(from  picking herbs to your  home-cooked lunch)


The capital of Persia, under the cultured Safavid dynasties, the city is reknowned for the eloquence of its architecture, enhanced by  the creativity of ceramists.The famed  Blue Mosque, elaborate Palaces, linked by the arches of the  longest covered Bazaar in the world, surround the Grand Square. After touring and  shopping, enjoy a traditional Tea House, Rest in the Square with Persian rose water ice, mingle with the people.  (Be ready for Selfie requests from our new friends)  Stroll the graceful arcade bridges.

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Amber W. NYC .. I've dreamed of visiting Iran since I was a child, and was fortunate to have traveled  with Norma Lee Mahdavi, whose knowledge of the country and people, as well as her sincere concern for everyone on the trip,made this dream come true beyond my expectations. I will go back!

Masouleum of Esther & Mordecai

Hike the Temple of Silence (eco - burial grounds), roam the ancient old  town.Learn how Persians adapted to  desert conditions by creating  dome ice houses and badgirs..high wind towers which direct air inside the building. Marco Polo visited this prime city on the Silk Route, in 1272. . (Best bazaar for silk scarves!)

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 Center of Pre-Islamic  Zoroastrianism


A  center of civilization,dating back     7000 years.