We established Cultural Tours in  2007, after my return trip to Iran after 35 years.  I had  lived  in Iran, as one of the  American wives married to the  Persian students ,who returned to their country. I felt as if I had stepped into a Virtual Time Warp..the proud civilization and spirit of the people has remained...  alive and well.

 My fellow travelers encouraged me to plan tours with a personal approach that provides a challenge to the myths  seen and heard in the media. ..especially at this time.

I have since  returned  seven times with small  tours, as well as handled custom tours for Americans and foreign nationals. Our groups average 10--14, in a comfortable mini-van, (No big buses for us!).  I cannot stress enough that because I do speak with everyone , both individuals and groups, we are able  to design (or re-design)  Iran Travel Tours  for your personal interests ,as well as put together compatible travelers on our group trips.

If you are interested in a group tour,please select the best departures for you.If  traveling  alone or friends,almost any date will work.It's best to confirm  2 months in advance, for your Visa confirmation, and selecting the best flights.

                                                     Airlines to Iran

Austrian,Air France.Alitalia.BritishAir,Eithad.Emirates. KLM. Lufthansa.TurkishAir, Qatar             

 TOUR PRICE is contingent on number of people and days, as well as choice of Tourist or 1st Class accommodations.  As an Iran Only specialist, we are able to offer the most affordable costs, with no compromise on 1st Class service.

I invite you to contact me and let's  plan how to move Iran from your "bucket list" to a personalized and enlightening travel experience.

  Kindly email us at:irantravelplans@aol.comor call 212 288-3289 9-9 EST.

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If you have 12 minutes,you may enjoy my  " Once Upon a Time in Iran" video..



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George K.   www.Travelthewholeworld.com( Do see this world traveler's amazing site!)

The  people, history and culture of Iran make this country a special hidden gem in the travel world.. My experience was certainly an eye-opener and easily one of the most interesting places I've ever visited. Special thanks to Norma  Lee Mahdavi for such an amazing and well-organized trip!

All  religions,all  this singing  one song,The differences  are  just illusion  and vanity. The sun's light looks  a little  different  on this wall  than on that wall and a lot   different  on this other one..but it's still  one  light.