Meet  the people..young, old & 'tween.

A friendly Mullah led us to a parade        & asked to exchange e-mails

I  joined an exercise class in the park.       (They called me Jane Fonda! )

Background: Bourjerdi House,Kashan:.  Just one of the historical and  World Heritage sites,  we visit.

Village of carved into the mountain side

Bread fresh from the Ovens                             Persian Pilau                                              Pomegrante ice cream Sundae

Fresh bread, herbs & cheese.. A picnic!.

Roger M. Florida

My  buddy  Li and I had a fantastic time. We requested opportunities to meet and talk to ordinary Iranians and Norma  was extremely helpful in making this happen. Not that we didn't appreciate the incredible historical sites but our hope was to get a feel for what the people were interested in and considered important. We were late in deciding to go  and  we weren't sure if we could get a Visa, so we were so pleased with the magic Norma  was able to do for us and I'm not at all sure that everything would have gone so smoothly with her. Big thank you!

Always ..Expect  the Unexpected

 Milad Tower.6th highest tower in the world

     Highlights​ of Iran

Rose Painted  stairs in Tehran

 3 of  the 16 museums inTehran : The Golestan Palace- Archeogical- Persian Carpets..

A tourism rep surveying what we                   liked  how could they improve.

.A  room in the Laleh Rock Hotel                  (also carved into the mountain!)

Centerpiece in restaurant..

Just bring a heart ready to hear the beats of another culture...& your camera!

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A boat ride on a Lagoon of the Caspian Sea.

Our guide,Ata, describing our next stop.

                  of  course ..Bazaars are beyond  description!

Our Route.

  Hotels were built on the routes of the caravans....each a camel's day journey apart.    Spas.. are on our routes!.

                           Picture Postcards  of  Tours to Iran

Ever been in a Pigeon House?.