​​​​​​        Out beyond ideas of

right doing and wrong doing

there is a field

I'll meet you there.


Welcome to Iran​​​​

Where Modernity Meets Antiquity

*Background: Bouerjardi House Kashan.When a man.asked  for his love's hand in marriage, her  father said "Yes, if you can build my  daughter a house as fine as mine.". He built one better!

​​Travel To Iran - Iran CustomTravel                                                                                            

​​Yes, Americans Can Travel to Iran

Iran has wandered into the 21st century,along with its alter ego of modernity.

yet has kept its  ancient traditions and the enduring spirit of its people.

Yes,Americans can  travel to Iran and are greeted with "Welcome..Welcome" wherever we go

Yes, Iran IS safe. The country has launched a strong Tourism initiative ; assuring the  safety of every traveler has first priority.

Yes, the Visa Process has been streamlined & we easily arrange it for you.

Tours To Iran. Iran CustomTravel

             Contact us at  www.irancustomtravel@aol.com or call  212 288-3289.

Based in New York  we meet  or talk with each traveler to deter

mine .your special interests, time frame and budget , enabling us to recommend  the perfect group tour or design your  custom tour ...and answer all your questions


Why  Travel  with Us?

Norma Lee Nichols- Mahdavi has been involved with Iran ... personally, professionally and academically for over 35 years. Ms.Mahdavi lived in Iran, while married to an Iranian husband.She worked for the former Iran Tourism & Handicrafts Associations.As Consulate to the Rockefeller Foundation, she established accultration programs for companies moving to Iran.

A Sociologist with degrees in Middle East studies, Ms.Mahdavi established Iran Custom Travel in 2009 with a mission to provide travelers with a rare opportunity to engage with the "other"  Iran  behind the media muddle..to experience for yourselves the people,the culture & traditions of this rich civilization.

Our partner Tour Agency in Iran has been  hosting  travelers  for over 20 years.

Combining our in-depth knowledge , we know how  to "go the extra mile" and plan a trip which assures our  travelers a safe, and rewarding experience.

But dont take just my  word for it. 

​Mike L. January 2015

"My experience was tremendous from start to finish .Norma Lee planned the perfect trip  through Iran,offering plenty of  suggestions and options to maximize the time I had.she helped me navigate the Visa process with ease and provided extensive guidance prior to my trip. She was always available to answer questions by e-mail or phone. It's so reassuring  to have a US  expert  make all  the arrangements and be there to answer any question. Her team in Iran were top notch. Great guides.Great Hotels.  Everything about the trip was wonderful.  Norma Lee is the best and I highly recommend booking your trip to Iran with her. You won't be disappointed, either  with this wonderful country or Iran Custom Travel.

Robert  M. July 2015.

"My buddy Li and I had a fantastic time in Iran. We had  requested  to meet  and talk  to ordinary Iranians.and Norma Lee was  extremely helpful  in making this happen.Not that  we  didn't appreciate  the palaces, Mosques, and Persopolis too-that great city was particularly amazing- but our hope was  to  get  a feel for what  the people of Iran were interested in, considered important and so on. Besides the terrific thrill of getting  to hang out with the people of Tehran, Shiraz etc., I  would like to point  out the warm, knowledgeable ,and helpful Malihe who was our  guide. She was a gem. and so  was our driver. Since we weren't sure if we  could even get out paperwork together in time to get our Visas, we were so pleased  with the magic Norma Lee was able to do for us to see through .She was  wonderful and I'm not  at all  sure that everything would have gone so  smoothly without her. Thank you Iran Custom Travel!"