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Villages 3,000 year old

Cities of the 21st Century

Bazaars of the Silk Routes

Our Mission

We will meet or talk with you personally to coordinate all the arrangement for a safe & enlightening trip to Iran for individuals & groups.

Visa facilitation ,Accommodations & Meals,In-Country Travel

Professional guides & experts in your particular interests.

From Antiques to Ziggurats



Why Travel With Us?

For Over 35￿ years, Norma Lee Nichols-Mahdavi has been actively involved in cross cultural relations with Iran, personally, academically & professionally .

When married to an Iranian, she traveled extensively throughout the country & speaks Farsi.

She earned degrees in Middle East studies at Cornell University & the New School.

Under the auspices of the Rockefeller Foundation, Ms. Mahdavi developed familiarization programs for foreigners locating to Iran.

As consultant to the former Iranian Tourist Organization & Handicrafts Center, she was responsible for Public Relations, Advertising and organizing travel to Iran for individuals, groups, travel agents & media.

After a return to Iran in 2007, she launched Iran Custom Travel with a mission to enrich understanding of the civilization, culture and people of Iran.

Based in New York City, we talk or meet with each traveler for pre-departure orientation and answer all your questions.


Contrary to what you may have heard,..Yes, Americans as well as travelers from around the world ,are most welcome￿ are in Iran.

Just bring a heart willing to listen to the beats of another culture.

Meet The People

Join a work-out in the park

(They called me Jane Fonda!)

Relax in a Spa

For further information regarding your special interests, costs , number of travelers and best times to travel..just e-mail us We are delighted to￿ speak with you regarding travel to Iran..whether you travel with us or not.